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Nursing Jobs - Hiring Registered and Enrolled Nurses

We’re currently hiring Registered and Enrolled Nurses to work within aged care facilities across SA, NT and VIC. Click to view and apply for a list of available nursing jobs and employment opportunities!

Why Choose Altaira for Nursing Employment?

✅ Flexibility – work when you want

✅ Job Security

✅ Bonus schemes and allowances

✅ Options for casual/part time or full-time work

✅ Opportunities for further career advancements

✅ Free Training for CPD points and mandatory annual updates

✅ Friendly office staff; 24/7 clinical support

✅ Family Friendly Culture

✅ Access to discounted Allied Health services and wellness initiatives

✅ Invaluable ongoing support and encouragement 🙌

At Altaira, our employees are more than numbers to us – they are part of our extended Altaira family. You will be joining a compassionate, patient and understanding professional team that genuinely cares for the aged care sector.

Agency is Rewarding! Recruiting for enrolled nurse jobs and registered nurse jobs that pay above award rates. This is your opportunity to further develop your career in the industry while being part of a supportive team.

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Nursing Employment FAQs

What qualifications do I need for these nursing roles?

To qualify for a position as a Registered Nurse, a Bachelor of Nursing is required. You also must be registered with AHPRA.

To qualify for a position as an Enrolled Nurse, a Diploma in Nursing is required. You must also be registered with AHPRA.

What are the visa requirements?

To fulfill these roles, you must have the right to work in Australia with no restrictions. If you are from overseas, you must have a visa.

What is the salary/award?

Altaira pays above the award (Nurses Award 2010).

Work towards bonuses:  Work Full Time hours for 12 months with us and earn a $10,000 bonus at the end of your 12 month contract. Work for another 12 months full time hours with us and earn an additional $10,000 bonus. Terms and conditions apply.

What sites/locations will I be working at?

You must be willing to travel up to 30 minutes from your home for shifts in aged care residential facilities. We service a range of reputable aged care and community facilities across South Australia, Victoria, and the Northern Territory.

What are the benefits of working within aged care?

Working in aged care is such a rewarding area of healthcare. There is such a high demand for aged care workers due to an ageing population which will only increase with time. During 2019-2020, over 1 million people received aged care services in Australia. This indicates that the chance of finding a job in this area is high, also making it easier to find a job opportunity that suits your specific lifestyle. There are various career pathways to pursue in aged care. Many people begin as aged care workers and may continue on to complete further studies to become team leaders, nurses, lifestyle managers, clinical educators, business managers etc. You get to decide how far you take it!

There is more flexibility around days and hours that are worked in aged care, compared to a typical hospital job, allowing for a healthier work-life balance. There is often also consistency, such as working all mornings or all afternoons, and even some Monday to Friday work, freeing up your weekends if they are important to you. Your qualifications will also enable you to work anywhere in Australia so it’s easy to move around and continue working.

Working in aged care, you are surrounded by people from all walks of life, creating such a rewarding working environment and the opportunity for never-ending learning experiences.

If you want a rewarding and fulfilling career in health that can adhere to a busy life schedule, aged care is a great option that won’t give the mindset of it’s ‘just a job’ every time you leave your shift for the day. Working in aged care doesn’t come without challenges, however it offers many great benefits other healthcare jobs may not, with not only the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives, but also ensuring your career is meaningful and allows for a great work-life balance.

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