Meet the Team

Unrivaled aged care experience

Gaynor Giro

Founder and Director

Altaira was founded in 2008 by Gaynor Giro, and since then it has grown exponentially from just two nurses locally to a vibrant and robust national organisation. In 1991 at the age of 21, Gaynor began her career as a Carer, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse, and Registered Nurse, with Florence Nightingale as her inspiration.

It was her experiences working in these roles within aged care facilities that made her realise that she needed to make a positive change within the aged care industry. She wanted to ensure that our aging population was getting the best care possible, and established Altaira with that mission.

Gaynor established Altaira wanting to become a partner to her clients in the sector, not just another service provider. She was instrumental in setting the foundations for Altaira, achieving the goals she set for herself and her small team, and then guiding and growing Altaira into a company where family matters, what you stand for matters, and how you achieve it matters.

Gaynor is exceptionally proud of how far the company has grown and the direction that Jelena and the rest of the team are taking it. Gaynor feels that one of Altaira’s strengths is the great sense of teamwork amongst the team, and this is one of the reasons the company runs so effectively.

Her greatest accomplishment has been building and maintaining personalised relationships with both clients and staff. It is important to Gaynor that everyone feels valued and seen, instead of merely a number in the company.

Jelena Giro


As the Director of Altaira, Jelena is dedicated to promoting the changing face of aged care and is passionate about working closely with her team and clients to achieve a high quality ageing experience for all Australians. Aligning with her passion, she is a LASA Next-Gen Ambassador, a member of the RCSA Australia and New Zealand Region Council for SA, and the RCSA Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies (ANRA) council.

Before joining Altaira in 2012, Jelena held positions across various industries, and while she gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, she did not feel inspired or challenged until she found Altaira, where she could see there was potential for growth and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Altaira is a family-orientated firm, and this is what Jelena loves the most about it. Her expertise in contract negotiation, business management, and entrepreneurship have motivated the upwards projection of Altaira, as well as allowed her to have a voice to make positive change in the aged care and recruitment sectors.

Jelena’s biggest accomplishment achieved at Altaira is implementing the mentorship program for graduate nurses. Jelena is a strong advocate in supporting fairness and equality in the workforce and strongly believes that everyone needs to start somewhere, they just need to be empowered with the right opportunities.

John Denham

Client Operations Manager

John is the Client Operations Manager at Altaira and has been in the position since 2014 where he has been instrumental in implementing best practice systems, procedures, and databases. In this role, John manages all aspects of the business, including the recruitment, training, and supervision of staff, maintenance of databases, marketing, and business development, and quality control.

In 1999 John became a Nurse and worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. For ten years he worked as the Unit Manager in Aged Care, and alongside this, he continued his work as a Business Development Manager in the recruitment industry before commencing his role at Altaira. John has 25 years of experience in the recruitment and sales industries, developing well-regarded and valued relationships nationally. He also has experience managing his own recruitment agency in Melbourne.

John is proud to be a part of the team that transformed Altaira from a boutique agency into the prominent leader it is now in South Australia and the Northern Territory. He enjoys working with Altaira’s clients, partners, and staff to ensure that Altaira can offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services and support. John’s goal for Altaira is to continue to be more diverse and grow into a national recruitment company that specialises in the aged care sector.

It is the diversity in his role as the industry evolves that inspires John. He is a strong advocate for social and cultural rights in the workplace and values the importance of providing equal opportunities for all.

Liz Jones

Clinical Operations Manager

Liz is the Clinical Operations Manager of Altaira, joining the team in 2016. With both a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master of Health and Medical Law, she is inspired by serving others, and she can do this with the wealth of knowledge that she has behind her.

Liz is driven by her goals to grow with Altaira where she can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as possible to the team. Her greatest accomplishment while working with Altaira has been gaining ISO accreditation for the company.

Michael Zoumaras

Allied Health and Wellness Operations Manager

Michael joined Altaira as Allied Health and Wellness Operations Manager early in 2021, and with both a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Medical Science he is well equipped for this role, which aligns with Altaira’s Allied Health division expansion.

Michael’s previous work experience was mostly in Occupational Health Physiotherapy but he has also worked in other areas such as Aged Care, Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and Community Care. Before becoming a Physiotherapist, Michael worked as a Disability Care Worker, which gave him a great foundation in holistic client-centred care and building trust with clients.

Michael is extremely passionate about helping clients to maintain their independence and believes that this will result in better long-term outcomes for the clients. It is important to Michael for clients to be empowered, and to self-manage their injuries and concerns in a way that is meaningful for them.

Michael’s greatest accomplishment while working at Altaira has been building the Allied Health team from scratch, with a focus on building a culture of trust and ensuring the team has a high professional standard. He also developed a professional, high-quality, and evidence-based pre-employment Functional Assessment service. Michael is excited about the company’s future growth into the occupational health field and his part in helping the staff grow and develop their skills in this area.

Jayde Mccullagh

Allocations Manager

Jayde joined the Altaira family in 2021, commencing as a Senior Allocations Administrator and then promoted to Allocations Manager. Her team has grown from 4 to 10 valued employees during her time at Altaira and she has maintained a strong focus on personalised customer service in a positive and jovial environment. Jayde’s 20 years experience in customer service has given her the tools to build relationships and tailor solutions to client and staff needs. She takes pride in guiding her team with a supportive nature, helping them grow and further and develop their strengths and skills, empowering them to give their absolute best. Jayde is proud to be a part of the Altaira family and appreciates the opportunity to support the aged care community.