Here’s to 2021; doing things differently in business and beyond

While many people have bid 2020 farewell, and are currently on holidays, the team at Altaira have continued through, ensuring they can continue to support their clients and staff. It’s an exciting time of the year for Altaira’s Director Jelena, who is working on some major business projects (watch this space to find out more). Jelena took a few moments to reflect on the past year, and how those experiences impacted what is most important to her as she begins this New Year!

What were your key learnings as a Director of a South Australian business?

The biggest thing I learned throughout the past year or covid year as some would like to call it, is that people will surprise you. As a South Australian based business it was great to see how communities came together in the time of need and how we all banded together to achieve the greater good.

What was your business highlight of 2020?

I would consider 2020 a year of highs and lows. I have seen first-hand the impact a war can have on a country, it’s economy, and people, but I never fathomed the impact a pandemic would have on our world. After a strong start to the year and a shaky middle as the pandemic spread, I would say my highlight for 2020 was the ability to continue to provide our services to the community. Many businesses had to shut their doors, many businesses had to stand all their employees down. I therefore feel extremely proud and lucky that we were able to keep our doors open, keep jobs safe and continue to do what we love.

What was business low-light?

In any business you should plan for unprecedented circumstances, for the future, and for growth. As we headed into 2020 we were excited by many projects that we had planned for the year. These projects would have supported our growth and continued to expand on the quality service that we provide within our aged care community. For myself and my team the low light was the impact covid had on us and many other businesses around us. I am extremely grateful that the impact of covid for us was only short term while many businesses out in the community are yet to recover. Some may never recover.

What are you most looking forward to during 2021?

After a difficult and uncertain year, what 2021 brings to me most is hope and new beginning. 2021 has been named International Year of the Health & Care Worker, so I am looking forward to our amazing personal carers and all healthcare workers around the globe being recognised for the hard work they do on a daily basis. It is times like these when people realise who the real heroes of the story are and it is about time we honour them. I look forward to resuming all our plans for Altaira’s growth and a return to a certain norm and stability that usually prior to this we may have taken for granted.

What will you do differently?

As a young girl I was always taught to put one foot in front of the other, to never look back, but also to learn from my mistakes. As human beings I believe that human contact plays a big part in keeping our bodies and minds healthy and happy. What this year highlighted to me is that at any moment the innate instinct to physically connect with people could be taken away from you. While I understand the reasoning behind the scenarios and stay at home orders I also would never again want to take for granted the days where human contact and connections are possible.  What I would want to do differently this year? I would want to laugh more with my friends over a glass of wine, I would want to hug my friends and family for longer and I would want to offer my hand to anyone that needs it.