Celebrating more than 360,000 aged care staff around Australia

Australia’s aged care workforce is made up of over 360,000 individuals who contribute to caring for older people. As well as Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses, the aged care workforce is comprised of roles like Personal Care Assistants, Allied Health Professionals, Catering and Chefs, Cleaning and Laundry, Leisure, Administration, Maintenance, Management and much more. 

The individual people who make up the above workforce all have a valuable and essential role to play in caring for our elders, and it is time to recognise the entire group for the difference they make to our communities.

That’s why on Friday 7 August, we celebrate Aged Care Employee Day, an initiative of Leading Age Services Australia. Aged Care Employee Day puts these everyday heroes in the spotlight, celebrates them, and highlights the many different roles of those involved in the aged care journey.

We at Altaira would like to thank and honour all the amazing people who work within the aged care industry.

At Altaira, we support and provide employment opportunities for nurses, care workers, allied health professionals, hospitality workers, cleaners and administration personel for a number of aged care clients nationally.

No matter what your role is, you are doing incredible work and making a difference to the lives of seniors every day. This has been particularly challenging the past 12 months for a range of reasons including the bushfires and the pandemic, but we are constantly in awe of our aged care employees who continually exceed the expectations of the people they serve.

Remember to take the time to personally thank an aged care superhero on their special day!

For more on Aged Care Employee Day, visit the official website.