87-year-old graduates with a nursing degree

“Today I won what I dreamt of,” said 87-year-old great-grandmother Sultana Gesiou, holding her nursing assistant certificate.

Sultana Gesiou graduated from an institution in Greece, Εσπερινό Επαγγελματικό Λύκειο Κοζάνης.

Despite being 87-years-old, she wanted to fulfil her childhood dream, lost in the difficult years of the war and the ensuing civil war. She dreamt of completing secondary education, which she succeeded.

Sultana recalled her difficult childhood years, where the need to survive outweighed dreams and hopes.

“In the village we all had to work to make a living, we are six children in the family, we worked in the tobacco industry and in animal husbandry. This was our job,” she said.

“I always liked books, whatever fell into my hands I always read with interest,” she continued.

Today, Sultana has four children, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. But her love of books and desire to finish school has not faded over time.

With the encouragement of her daughter, she enrolled and recently graduated. Sultana was the school’s oldest student, but that didn’t stop her from making friends with her peers or caring for them.

She also did not hesitate to share life advice to the younger generation.

“I wish all the children who did not finish school to do it quickly, get a high school diploma and get a job.”

This article was originally published on The Greek City Times on 10/7/2020.